Public Outreach & Diversity

Science does not live in a vacuum. As much as scientific research is important in itself, it is crucial to communicate its results well to the broader public. The subject of astronomy with its innate public appeal is well-suited as a vehicle to inspire interest in science and the scientific thinking process, and thus I am very passionate about astronomy-related public outreach.

Over the years I have participated in and lead a number of outreach activities – here are a few highlights.

  • Spence School : As the NYU Vice Provost’s Fellow for Diversity, I was leading the pilot program of the partnership between the NYU Vice Provost office and Spence school, an all-girls K-12 school in NYC, during Fall of 2016. Here are pictures (Courtesy of The Spence School) of one of my visits to Spence school, namely their Middle-school assembly, with 200 students in the audience, with a great write-up.
  • Video : YouTube video for “Scientific American”‘s “Ask an Expert” (5/2013)
  • Science guest on Talk show on Zvieri TV “The Terror of Nothing” and at Standup comedy show “Heart of Darkness” (2013)
  • Talk at the school teacher workshop as part of the NYU Saturday Science Seminar Series (12/2012)
  • Video : I held a public talk in the context of IYA (International Year of Astronomy) 2009 through the UC Berkeley public talk series, with 150-200 people in attendance. It was great! People really enjoyed the interactive nature of my talk and had excellent questions. A video of my talk, as well as all others during the monthly public talk series is available here.

  • “Ask an Astronomer” for “Sky & Telescope Magazine” on Black Holes
  • Lead a discussion on Supernovae and Supernova Remnants with local high school children in Cambridge, MA.
  • Interview with high-school children from the Black Hole Summer Institute on SN and black holes